Beginning of 2016

By January 14, 2016Uncategorized

Now that Santa has been and gone, I’m in the studio completing composition on The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 4; it’s a cracker season with lots of mysteries to solve and lots going on in Lucien’s life. Without changing the core ensemble or sound, I’ve tried making the score a little darker, whilst still avoiding any percussive drums in the music (hopefully now a signature with this show)….although I did use a recording of rhythmic tapping on the inside of the piano for one episode!

Jeff Daniel’s feature length doco, Mother With a Gun, is a cracker! So glad to be working with Jeff again and I hope this documentary gets the attention it deserves. I’m creating a very percussive score for this film with lots of messed up electric guitar and new soundscapes.

Finally, I’ve just taken delivery of the picture lock of Life in Space, for giant screen IMAX. It’s all about our quest for signs of life in the universe and contains amazing imagery from space and back here on Earth, especially around the islands of Hawaii.

Better get back to writing!