Remembering the Man

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Documentary by filmmakers Nickolas Bird and Eleanor Sharpe has commenced it’s public release at the Nova Cinemas here in Melbourne. I wish Nick and Eleanor every success with this film and hope it reaches a much broader audience over time as it is such an important story to be told; especially to new generations who never witnessed what it was like to be gay in Australia during the 70’s & 80’s, as well as what people like John & Tim went through dying from HIV/AIDS.

Filmink; “This beautifully crafted documentary…revisits the lives of Tim Conigrave and his lover, John Caleo….Despite the tragedy that is at the heart of this documentary, it is a peculiarly uplifting and hopeful film. Operatic even…”

I’m very proud to be a part of this film.


Beginning of 2016

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Now that Santa has been and gone, I’m in the studio completing composition on The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 4; it’s a cracker season with lots of mysteries to solve and lots going on in Lucien’s life. Without changing the core ensemble or sound, I’ve tried making the score a little darker, whilst still avoiding any percussive drums in the music (hopefully now a signature with this show)….although I did use a recording of rhythmic tapping on the inside of the piano for one episode!

Jeff Daniel’s feature length doco, Mother With a Gun, is a cracker! So glad to be working with Jeff again and I hope this documentary gets the attention it deserves. I’m creating a very percussive score for this film with lots of messed up electric guitar and new soundscapes.

Finally, I’ve just taken delivery of the picture lock of Life in Space, for giant screen IMAX. It’s all about our quest for signs of life in the universe and contains amazing imagery from space and back here on Earth, especially around the islands of Hawaii.

Better get back to writing!


Blinky Bill Feature Animation

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In the process of writing a large score for this new rendition of an Australian icon. I’ll be recording orchestra and choir in Prague and additional recording and mixing in Dublin with Brian Masterson;

It’s a challenging score to write, with lots of ‘mickey-mousing’, but will be so great hearing the City of Prague Philharmonic & Choir singing & performing all my notes. I’ve got the same orchestration and copying team back together again with Jessica Wells and Cliff Bradley from Jigsaw Music, who are awesome!



Recent work

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It’s been a busy period since Christmas; finishing all 8 episodes of The Doctor Blake Mysteries Season 3, which has just started going to air here in Australia and, so far, being the highest rating show on Australian TV on a Friday night. Check out the opening music of ep 1 here;

I’ve enjoyed writing a more atmospheric score for Jennifer Ross’ short film, The Hardest Night;

I’ve also just finished scoring the music for an emotional & beautiful (feature-length) documentary titled, Remembering the Man, which is based on the lives of Tim Conigrave and John Caleo. The score features some wonderful performances by Josephine Vains on cello, Roger Jonsson on violin, Tristan Meredith on guitars, and the vocal talents of counter-tenor Maximilian Riebl.

It’s also turning into a busy year ahead with an animated feature film and a three part documentary series, for PBS America and SBS Australia, to complete before July. Looks like we’ll be doing the orchestral and rhythm section recordings in Dublin at Windmill Lane Studios, which is very exciting (especially if you’re a U2 fan)!

Real Housewives of Melbourne Ringtone

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Thanks for all the requests I’ve received via this website and Soundcloud for this music!

The ringtone is now available on iTunes ringtones…. If you have an iPhone you can browse the iTunes store on it and just search for Real Housewives of Melbourne and you’ll get the link.RHOM_600x403

Prague Recording

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Backtrack update

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(Pictured; Michael Petroni and myself on the percussion platform in Smecky Recording Studios, Prague)

All smiles of anticipation for the start of the orchestral recordings for ‘Backtrack’. Michael Petroni (writer and director) and I had just finished listening to a selection of suspended cymbals and piatti before the start of day 1.

The two days went incredibly well and we recorded the entire 73min score with only a little overtime on percussion overdubs. It was such a pleasure working with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor, Adam Klemens. Our recording team, in particular, Vitek Kral (recording engineer) and Stanja Vomackova (translator/session assistant); were wonderful to work with.

Also, a big thank you to James Fitzpatrick, from Tadlow Music, who was our fixer/orchestral contractor and liaison for all things to do with Smecky Recording Studio and Prague in general!

We’ve just finished the 5.1 mixes and I can’t wait to attend and participate in the final sound mix up in Sydney. More photos to follow in the next few weeks!


Recording in Prague

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I’ve been scoring madly over the last 4 weeks and the music is really coming together for Michael Petroni’s film, BACKTRACK. I’ll be recording the score with the City of Prague Orchestra over two big days at the beginning of August. There’s quite a lot of music, nearly 70 mins! So we’ll have our work cut out for us at the sessions, but I can’t wait to get to the scoring stage and hear the orchestra bring all my notes to life.orchestra1