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Blinky Bill Feature Animation

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In the process of writing a large score for this new rendition of an Australian icon. I’ll be recording orchestra and choir in Prague and additional recording and mixing in Dublin with Brian Masterson;

It’s a challenging score to write, with lots of ‘mickey-mousing’, but will be so great hearing the City of Prague Philharmonic & Choir singing & performing all my notes. I’ve got the same orchestration and copying team back together again with Jessica Wells and Cliff Bradley from Jigsaw Music, who are awesome!



Backtrack update

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(Pictured; Michael Petroni and myself on the percussion platform in Smecky Recording Studios, Prague)

All smiles of anticipation for the start of the orchestral recordings for ‘Backtrack’. Michael Petroni (writer and director) and I had just finished listening to a selection of suspended cymbals and piatti before the start of day 1.

The two days went incredibly well and we recorded the entire 73min score with only a little overtime on percussion overdubs. It was such a pleasure working with The City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and conductor, Adam Klemens. Our recording team, in particular, Vitek Kral (recording engineer) and Stanja Vomackova (translator/session assistant); were wonderful to work with.

Also, a big thank you to James Fitzpatrick, from Tadlow Music, who was our fixer/orchestral contractor and liaison for all things to do with Smecky Recording Studio and Prague in general!

We’ve just finished the 5.1 mixes and I can’t wait to attend and participate in the final sound mix up in Sydney. More photos to follow in the next few weeks!


Hidden Universe Imax 3D

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Australia’s first 3D Imax film has been sold to a number of territories around the world. My London friends can see it at the IMAX Science Museum.

It’s quite a varied score, ranging from orchestral, choral,  South American, rock, big percussive sections and electronica; all of which are strung together with a central ‘journey’ theme.

Here’s what Matt Osbourne (Documenting the Score) said in his review;

JUST RELEASED: Pleased to announce that Australian composer Dale Cornelius has made available his dramatic score to the the IMAX motion picture HIDDEN UNIVERSE 3D (2013). Even with spectacular images that literally swallow the viewer up into the vastness of the cosmos, Cornelius’s music truly becomes an integral part of the film’s ability to raise the hairs on one’s neck, as when they are being hurdled towards the sun with building percussion and full chorus in tow, or when they are being cradled in the many tentacled arms of a nebula and lulled by a simple theme played out on piano and backed by a small arrangement of strings. All in all, this really is a fun score and one that has a lot to offer in the way of varying degrees of musical styles, such as; electronic, acoustic, orchestral, chamber, choral, rock elements and ethnic music, or mixtures, thereof. All of this is held together by a central journey theme, which is quite lovely, in and of itself, especially when it takes the spotlight and is delicately played out on solo piano. This actually is one of my favorite scores from last year and easily appeals to the eclectic side of me that appreciates many genres of music and when they can come together and melt into an enjoyable listening experience.

The soundtrack is available through iTunes.