Family Footsteps Series II – Tonga Episode

Hidden Universe – VLT trick

Hidden Universe – Beyond The Milky Way excerpt

Murder In The Snow – This is Kelsang

Charlie & Boots (The Idea)

Mary & Max (I’m Sorry)

Triple Zero Heroes (Titles)

Possum Wars (Ringtails & the Brighton Gang)

Possum Wars (Scamp’s Theme)

Possum Wars (Opening PreTitles & Titles)

Acid Ocean (Main Theme)

JFK – The Smoking Gun

Ved verdens ende (At World’s End) Feature Film

Cliffy – The Cliff Young Story

Polo’s Robot

Dr. Sarmast’s Music School

Real Housewives of Melbourne – Titles

Australia On Trial

Brain Ep1, Anatomy Series, Artscape ABC

Anatomy series ep 1 Brain

The Triangle Wars

Dirty Business

Till Human Voices Wake Us

Cassowaries, narrated by David Attenborough

Kangaroo Mob Main Theme

Artscape Titles

Gollings Eye For Architecture